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Father: Snakeheart(dead)
Mother: Irisflower(dead)
Brothers: Skyheart(dead), Brambleface(dead)
APPEARNCE:Whitish cream she, from afar she looks completly white but has a white chest. she has redish chocoate brown paws/tail/ears and icey blue eyes
Information: Born in Grassclan Daisyflower grew up never knowing her father who was Stoneclan at the age of three moons she met her father and as an apprintace watched in terror as her brother Skyheart was chased onto thunderpath and Irisflower, and Brambleface were murdered in cold blood by Snakeheart. In pain, terror, fear, and anger she attacked her father and chased him onto thunderpath where he was hit by a monster and killed. She is brave, loyal, and like rabbit, quick and fearful. She loves kits but knows with how jumpy she is will never be able to have a mate or kits of her own. She shows interest in some cats but will not admit it and shys away. She often wishes to dream in starclan to see everyone close to her she loved and lost.

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Re: Daisyflower

Post by HowlingStar on Mon Nov 25, 2013 7:02 pm

Ohhh. :3 Interesting!!

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