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Post by The Stars and Skies on Mon Dec 02, 2013 4:27 am

Gbmp's official Territory Map

Created by Kaelyn (Aiyana) and Jason (HowlingStar). Creators of GBMP.

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Questions regarding the territory map;

▶ Each territory is marked by a different color. Sacred territory (golden yellow) and the rogue grounds (pale orange) are the only two which are alike.

▶ During the great battle, the sacred territories were split off from the remainider of the territory. The only way to the Moonstone, is to travel to The Four Trees and to make your way along the territory until you come to a smaller island. The smaller island is not far away from The Four Trees but does require you to swim there. Luckily, the water is not too deep and even the smallest apprentices can make their way across. The actual Four Trees itself is only accesiable by swimming or by a large fallen maple tree. This Maple tree was originally in SombreClan territory, but fell during the great battle and now creates a form of "bridge" to The Four Trees.

▶ The pale blue sections are Rivers.

▶ Thunderpaths are not marked on this map. The only Thunderpath is the Thunderpath which separates TempestClan from the Sun-Drown-Place. This Thunderpath also has tunnels underneath it which TempestClan cats use.

▶ The sun-drown-place appears far and somewhat isolated in accordance to RillClan, but, truthfully..It is not at all. They are rather close by.
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