Fenris's character Profiles

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Fenris's character Profiles

Post by Fenris on Sat Dec 07, 2013 9:31 pm

Here is a list of information on all my charries and their current overall stats:
Character #1: Fenris
Gender: He-wolf (male)
Mate: None...
Past mate(s)/ love interests: Gelu (deceased) Waya (deceased)
Mother: Sorai (deceased)
Father: Voltium (deceased)
Siblings: Vaike (deceased)
Past: Basically, a group of twolegs came in and attempted to hunt for sporting/safety issues. Usually this only happens with grey wolves for pelts and animals that may be a safety hazard, but in Fenris's family's case- they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. The area they were living in had gotten smaller, and the twolegs started coming further into the forest...
Eventually his litter-mate and father died while trying to defend his mother and past mate. Fenris was with them and had gotten injured, along with his past mate Gelu. And the threesome had difficulties hunting (since two were injured) alone. After a while, the others passed on too. He felt as though it was his fault that they had both passed, but had to flee the forest if he wanted to survive.
With his remaining strength, Fenris had healed barely enough to escape the twolegs that were destroying the forest, and made his way here. Here is where, he lived a life as a lone-wolf for nearly a year- fighting off other wolves for dens, as well as hunting as often as he could. The former loner could easily lie to others, but he could not however lie to himself; he hated himself, and was trapped in a limbo between the past and the present. Cold, and as equally harsh, he tried desperately to prevent many of the she-wolves who walked by his den every sunrise to stay away- fearing that the events in his former home could repeat themselves.
Until the one cloudy afternoon he had met her... Waya. She did not trust him at first, but then again, who would with Fenris's attitude in the beginning. But as a nearby storm threatened to fall from the sky and tears from the clouds had begun to break through, she allowed him to spend a few hours under the safety of her den. There he slowly found himself opening up to the gentle polite she-wolf, and grew fond of her. Sharing prey over a nice discussion of pasts and opinions, the storm had finally started to pass over, leaving the male wolf to say his goodbyes; much to his disappointment. Thanking her he left and returned to his den. Eventually the twosome met and spoke to each other numerous times, and Fenris eventually decided to invite her to go with him to join the nearby pack settlement not too far from here. She happily accepted and they now live there to this day as Betas: second in commands underneath the two Alphas's rule. Fenris has never been so happy in his life.  
Sadly however, his happiness was short lived. Once Leaf-bare arrived, Waya had caught a horrible case of Angry Snout: A deadly desise that can kill a wolf if not careful. A month or two later, she passed away quietly, as Fenris was sitting by her side. Disheartened and empty, Fenris grew distant to the other pack-mates; depressed and angry at himself for not being able to help his mate in anyway.
 Character #2: DarkFlicker  
Gender: She-cat (female)
Mate: N/A
Past mate(s)/ love interests: None... that she knew of.
Mother: Luna (kitty-pet, unknown)
Father: Havoc (Former kitty-pet, lives within the alleyways of the twolegplace)
Fang (Former kitty-pet, lives with father)
Snake (Loner, Killed by dogs)
Kira (Loner, Killed by dogs)

Character #3: Faintkit
Gender: Tom-cat (male)
Mate: N/A
Past mate(s)/ love interests: N/A
Mother: TBA
Father: TBA
Siblings: TBA

Born as a loner, the kit barely remembers anything about his family. Just that he was born underneath the smallest of trees in the middle of the forest; far away from the clans.

Characters that have long since been quit:
Hail: the loner

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