Jay's Charries 0.0

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Jay's Charries 0.0

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 19, 2013 6:48 pm

Hello! Well this is where I keep track of meh charries, obviously right? Lol anyways so these are my charries they are always up-to-date so yupp ! (:

Character One: JayKit
Appearance: A pure white she-cat/kit with a dark grey feather on her right shoulder. She has stormy blue/grey eyes.
Personality: Jay is very friendly, caring, and very clumsy. She will never turns away anyone in need and loves meeting new cats
Clan & Ranking: SombreClan as a Kit, ATM
Crush/Mate: Noo
Kits: o.o

Character Two: Misty
Appearance: A silver tabby with pale green eyes
Personality: She is very friendly upon meeting and likes to chit-chat
Clan & Ranking: Rouge For Now
Crush/Mate: Feral
Kits: Maybe Expecting

Character Three: CourageFlare
Appearance: A Orange She Cat With A White Patched Chest And Vibrant Green Eyes
Personality: CourageFlare is very friendly and caring and enjoys exploring, she is very loyal and will fight to the death.
Clan & Ranking: TemptestClan As A Warrior
Crush/Mate: Nope
Kits: No

Character Four: Sandalio
Appearance: A pure black she-wolf with a grey tint on her fur tips, she has pale green eyes brimmed with grey
Personality: Sandalio is hostile and a depressing wolf, she will shield herself from anyone, but once she is open to you she becomes a vibrant she wolf that is caring and friendly and will forever be loyal
Pack & Ranking: Washaki as a Scout
Crush/Mate: I can't be loved
Pups: Nope

Character Five: Russet
Appearance: A russet red she wolf with pale green eyes brimmed with yellow
Personality: Hostile, open her up and she is bright
Pack & Ranking: Rouge
Crush/Mate: Can I be loved?
Pups: Nope

Character Six: RisingSun
Appearance: A orange tabby with dark orange stripes also She has vibrant green eyes
Personality: Unkown, basically bi-polar
Clan & Ranking: Rouge/Searching
Crush/Mate: Nope
Kits: Nope

Character Seven: Lyall
Personality: Playful and nice
Pack & Ranking: Pup at Washaki
Crush/Mate: O.O
Pups: O.O

Character Eight: PouncingKit
Appearance: She is a brown/white molted she kit with a mixture of black blended in with amber eyes
Personality: Closed off and quite, you need to open her up
Clan & Ranking: Valiant as a kit
Crush/Mate: o.o
Kits: I am one

Character Nine: BlueFlame
Appearance: light grey tabby with dark grey stripes
Personality; bitter cold but could be nice and caring
Clan & Ranking; RillClan & Warrior
Crush/Mate Nope
Kits: Nope

Character Ten: OwlSong
Appearance; Brown fur with black smudges
Personality; Fun and caring lives to say hi and talk
Clan & Ranking; Valiant & Warrior
Crush/Mate; Nope
Kits; Kits

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Re: Jay's Charries 0.0

Post by MiseryCloud on Fri Dec 20, 2013 2:06 am

Nice! Thanks for this! Very Happy It's so useful for us Admins!

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Re: Jay's Charries 0.0

Post by Guest on Fri Dec 20, 2013 5:30 pm

No problem (:

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Re: Jay's Charries 0.0

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