Misery's characters

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Misery's characters

Post by MiseryCloud on Tue Dec 24, 2013 4:00 am

My characters

Characters in order:

Fallen characters:
SeedStone - Killed by LightningGrowl.


Name: MiseryCloud.
Age: 24 moons.
Gender: Female.
Description of eye color and pelt: Long and shaggy dark brown, almost black fur. A white splotch on her throat. Vibrant olive green eyes.
Mate: Not currently.
Previous mate(s): EelHeart. (Deceased- Died in battle)
Kit(s): BattleKit.
Personality: She is warm and loving, however she has a temper and it comes out rather often when she is annoyed or frustrated. She speaks her mind and doesn't often hold back. She has a heart of gold and would do anything for her friends, family or kin.
History and current: She was born and raised in SombreClan: becoming good friends with HowlingStar and PigeonFeather. She has only fallen in love once and that was with EelHeart. She met him through his sister, PigeonFeather who at the time had just been appointed as SombreClan's deputy. EelHeart was a grumpy warrior but MiseryCloud felt she could see something in him that no one else could. She loved him and he loved her. The two became close and before long, they were mates. Unfortunately, the water supply in SombreClan became tainted, causing the clans to merge together for safety. However, while SombreClan territory was vacant, the wolves decided to try and claim the land. The clans fought together and StarClan stopped the battle. But, EelHeart did not make it. A few sunrises later, MiseryCloud found she was expecting EelHeart's kits. She was scared, delighted but afraid all at once. She was scared to raise the kits on her own and worried that she would be a bad mother. But, when the time came, she kitted and she was in bliss. When she kitted, it was Leaf-bare and two of the kits became very sick and did not survive, leaving only one remaining. The remaining kit she named BattleKit, in memory of his father's great determination and courage. MiseryCloud is currently in SombreClan, with her son and her friends and family. She is as content as ever.


Name: CreekStorm.
Age: 16 moons.
Gender: Female.
Description of eye color and pelt: She is a lithe, long and fluffy she-cat. She is a purebred Ragdoll. This means she is white with a pale browny-ginger squirrel like tail. Darker brown smudges around her eyes, mouth and nose with pale icy blue eyes.
Mate: Not currently.
Previous mate(s): Nope.
Kit(s): O.O
Personality: She is a bubbly, out-going and warm she-cat who often acts like a kit and gets into trouble. She is very curious and loves to play. CreekStorm can be serious and can be very impatient and bossy.
History and current: CreekStorm was born and raised as a rogue, however, she grew very lonely and tiresome of rogue life and often found it difficult to get on with other rogues. She met ChipmunkFire at the border of ValiantClan one sunrise and the she-cat welcomed her in with warm paws. CreekStorm has been living in ValiantClan ever since and has never been happier.


Name: SalmonSplash.
Age: 22 moons old.
Gender: Female.
Description of eye color and pelt:  A long and lanky she-cat with a soft mottled grey and white pelt with a ginger underbelly and single left paw. She has golden yellow eyes.
Mate: Not currently.
Previous mate(s):
Personality: SalmonSplash is usually a tolerant female who can also be erratic and unpredictable. Mood swings are the main theme of her personality - one sun-rise she can be passionate and full of flavor... another she could be frosty and poisonous. Once you get to know this particular feline, she becomes more at home and comfortable with your presence, but don't be surprised if sometimes.. her tongue becomes sharper than her claws.
History and current: She was born as a kittypet, not knowing her birth mother, father or siblings. However, she made friends with a few housecats from nearby, but, the friendship never seemed to stick. SalmonSplash, back then known as Butter, managed to escape at a very young age. She ran and bumped into a group of rogues who took her in and kept her safe. They teared off her collar and renamed her to Salmon. Salmon learned to hunt and defend herself, although, she was not very good, but, it was enough to get by. When Salmon was around 8 moons old, she found a clan. The clan took her in and gave her a proper warrior name and trained her. She enjoyed it there, but, it was not to be as the clan was destroyed in a terrible flood. Desperate and alone, SalmonSplash ventured off again- this time as a loner. She traveled for a long time, living as a rogue and just managing to survive. It wasn't until she was around 20 moons that she found a clan. A clan where she feels loyal and support, a clan where she is happy. SalmonSplash is now a warrior of RillClan. (SOON TO BE.. xD)


Name: IslandKit. (IslandBreeze)
Age: 2 moons old.
Gender: Female.
Description of eye color and pelt:  Pale fluffy almond brown fur. A white under-belly and forehead which has a few ginger splotches. A pale, spiky, squirrel like tail. Light green eyes.
Mate: Noooo.
Previous mate(s): Nooooo.
Kit(s): NOOOO. O.O
Personality: She is a passionate, loving, out-going, brave and wise she-cat. She stands up for what she believes in and has pride in what she does. She is protective of her clan and kin, heroic and stern when needed. She is easily offended. However, she is patient and calm in rocky/messy/bad  situations.
History and current: IslandKit was born to PigeonFeather and SnakeHiss. PigeonFeather at the time, being a deputy of SombreClan and SnakeHiss being a warrior of ValiantClan. The two met when the clans merged together for shelter to fight the wolves and find new water supplies. The two broke the warrior code and fell in love. Moons later, PigeonFeather was expecting SnakeHiss's kits and just before the birth of his kits, he arrived and joined SombreClan to be with his new family and mate.

Adanya - Guardian of Washaki.

Name: Adanya.
Age: 2.6 years old.
Gender: Female.
Description of eye color and pelt:  A large white wolf with pale greenish yellow eyes.
Mate: No..
Previous mate(s):
Personality: She is strict, firm and often stubborn. She is generally warm and friendly in approach.
History and current: Born and raised in Washaki.

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Re: Misery's characters

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I love the in depth personalities. Smile

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