My Character Profiles.

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My Character Profiles.

Post by ChipmunkStar on Tue Dec 24, 2013 5:32 am

My characters(Main to last):


Past/Deceased Characters:

•MarigoldFlame - Died in battle of wolves.
•RuffledStrike - Heard of his sister‘s death then fled.
•SilenceStorm - Unknown
•MistyCloud - Soon die of GreenCough
•Waya - Soon die of Angry Snout

Name: ChipmunkFire
Previous Names: ChipmunkKit, ChipmunkPaw.
Age: 20 Moons.

Description Of Appearance: A pale brown colored pelt, with streaks of darker browns in the shades of acorns and chocolate throughout her fur. Long, fluffy fur. Large pale brown ears darkening to chocolate brown at the tip. She has a long, fluffy/shaggy pale brown tail, with vague flecks of deep brown. She has long whiskers and a special white heart on her right ear. She has pale green eyes.

Personality: Determined, firm, serious, and brave. She is kind, warm, and understanding to cats in her clan, but cool and harsh to cats that are not. She is loving and gentle - she actually loves kits. She is playful and outgoing with her best friends, and loves to have fun with them. She has a sense of humor  - she is also loyal and confident. ChipmunkFire dislikes making mistakes or being rushed, and tends to think about one thing for a long period of time vefore making a decision. She herself has manh secrets she rather not let others, unless extremely trusted ones, know.

Previous Mate/Love Interest: StormBlaze.

Clan: ValiantClan.
Rank: Deputy.
Previous Clan(s): SunClan.

History: Born in SunClan. Her parents are BirdSong and StoneSlash, with a sister named FernHeart. She vowed to be the best warrior as a kit, and had the deputy as her mentor. As an apprentice, they often went in war with their rival clan, FlowerClan. At the end of their apprenticeship, their parents were killed in the paws of FlowerClan. It was horrifying news, but they kept the memory of their parents in their hearts. They recieved their warrior names:  ChipmunkFire and FernHeart. At the Gathering, she met a tom from FlowerClan - StormBlaze. They felled in love and StormBlaze asked ChipmunkFire to join his clan. She refused, thinking about her sister.A quarter moon, later, her sister was killed by the paws of FlowerClan once again, only secretly it was StormBlaze that killed her, thinking then she would join his clan.  She promised him she would think about it, asking him to give her a moon. He agreed. The next moon, she came back with an answer - she would join his clan. Only then he told her he had found another she cat he also loved, and he would not break the code, get in trouble this way. ChipmunkFire was depressed - All her family was killed, most of her friends were also killed, most by the paws if FlowerClan. Now, even StormBlaze is leaving her. She fled, she could not stay at the place where held too many bad memories. She came across ValiantClan, deciding to have a new start. She joined the clan, and soon after, she was appointed as deputy. She met CreekStorm and SnakeHiss, which then the two of them turned into her best friends. When the clans united for a while, she saw something between SnakeHiss and the SombreClan deputy, PigeonFeather. She realized in horror that the two of them had did the same thing she did, moons ago. She wanted to stop SnakeHiss, but knew her best friend was not like StormBlaze. He was brave, he would probably not stop meeting PigeonFeather. Instead, she stepped back, watching their relationship turning stronger. She was not surprised when SnakeHiss revealed the truth to her, but shocked that PigeonFeather was expecting his kits. It hit her, hard, when he told her he was leaving to be with his family. She was hurt and miserable, though she knew he would eventually leave. She did not know how to be,in front of him anymore. CreekStorm had also heard the truth, but, PreyPaw came and slowly became one of her best friends. In a way, she see CreekStorm as a sister, but also as a best friend. After SnakeHiss left, StormBlaze came out of the blue, begging ChipmunkFire to take him back. It was her worst nightmare. She obviously refused, and he attacked her. Her best friends and a few warriors were there as she killed him, to prevent him from bothering her clan. A huge part of her past was revealed to these cats and she is not very happy that other cats besides her best friends know. She isn't sure what her best friends would think of her, either, for killing a cat.After the battle, she had continued her duties, pushing the awful memories away. She is very happy in ValiantClan.


Kit: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Apprentice: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Adult: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


Name: SerenityKit (SerenityCloud)
Previous Names:
Age: 2 Moons Old.

Description of Appearance: Short, pale fawny colored fur with dark chocolate brown tabby stripes running along her body. She has pale green eyes. She is a small cat with a long, sleek tail.

Personality: Passionate, kind, warm, and honest. She is a cheerful she cat, and usually have a smile across her muzzle. She enjoys making other cats happy - a playful and outgoing she cat. The thing is, the more ruder the cat is, the more she wants to make them happy. She makes friends easily and loves to have fun. She is thoughtful and a quick thinker - though, she tend to be quite impatient. She can be clumsy - Could be chasing after a butterfly and tripping over her own paws. She is brave, and serious at important matters.

Mate: O.O
Previous Love Interest/Mate: O.O
Kits: Use your brains! I'm one myself. Razz

Clan: SombreClan:
Previous Clans: N/A
Rank: Kit.

History: Born to PigeonFeather and SnakeHiss. Her sister is IslandKit. Before her parents were mates, PigeonFeather was a deputy from SombreClan, while SnakeHiss was a warrior from ValiantClan. When the clans united briefly when all clans were in trouble from the water supply, they met, and felled in love. They broke the code, meeting each other in secret for moons. A while later, PigeonFeather was expecting SnakeHiss's kits. When SnakeHiss heard the news, he decided to join SombreClan, to be with his new family. He arrived when the kits were born, and officially joined SombreClan.


Kit: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


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