Nightmarestar's lives revoked.

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Nightmarestar's lives revoked.

Post by Nightmare on Sat Dec 28, 2013 11:24 pm

The lithe, worn-out body of the ValiantClan leader slunk up to mother mouth, her bright eyes showing dimly in the light. She looked skinny and less toned that you'd expect a leader to be, but she was well rested from her time spent sitting in camp. She carried herself in through the opening of mother mouth and walked through the darkness.

She slipped through the cave until her features were illuminated by the light from the moonstone. She slowed her pace, approaching the rock with shaky, unsure paws. Her entire body quivered, her paws seeming to will her back out of the cave. But the choice was already made. She laid down by the stone and stared down at her paws for a moment, small tears slipping down her muzzle and onto the ground. She closed her eyes for a moment and then lifted her head, pressing her damp nose against the cold stone.
After awhile, Nightmarereverie awoke and stepped away from the moonstone, her paws now steady and her eyes narrowed and harsh. She looked at the stone for a couple more moments before turning around, walking towards the entrance of mother mouth. She left her past with the stone and went on to start her last and only life.

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