Leader Ceremony.

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Leader Ceremony.

Post by ChipmunkStar on Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:37 pm

ChipmunkFire padded in. She still couldn‘t accept the trth that NightmareStar stepped down. She duckdd in, taking a deep breath before pressing her nose firmly against the stone.

She woke up again, seeing starry lights all around her. Her sister, FernHeart, pads in, touching noses with her. "I give you a life for forgivness," she said softly. "We all make mistakes. Just like it is true courage to apologize, it is also courage to forgive." Her mother then stepped up, "I give you a life for love," she whispered. "I am so proud of you."Her father pads up to greet her, meowing loudly, "I give you a life for doing what you know is right." ChipmunkFire gazed longingly at her family. SilverPaw, her previous apprentice, rose on her paws. "The life I am giving you is mentoring," she said, flicking her ears. A familiar cat padded up, letting the deputy exclaim in delight, "MistyWish!" The medicine cat bowed her head, touching her nose with hers. "ChipmunkFire, the life I give you is bravery...." "SunBreeze!" The pale brown deputy found her mentor in the crowd if cats. SunBreeze revealed a smile with pride. "I give you a life for determination," she spoke. Two more cats appeared, and finally, the image of the last cat broke her. "MudStorm," she meowed out, her pale green eyes fixed on the tom that had loved her. "CHipmunkFire, I give you the life of believing in yourself. Your path had many difficult choices, but you had always chosen the path that is best for you and your clan. You never lacked faith. I tell you to do the same thing now while you lead your clan." The tom‘s meow rose, "I hail you by your new name, ChipmunkStar. Your old life is no more. You have now received the nine lives of a leader,. Defend it well; care for the young and old; honor your ancestors and the traditions of the warrior code; live each life with pride and dignity." MudStorm said with pride. The cats slowly fade as ChipmunkStar woke up. Taking a hesitant glance, she padded out.

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