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Mateship, pups, kits and adopting Empty Mateship, pups, kits and adopting

Post by MiseryCloud on Thu Jan 16, 2014 9:02 pm

GBMP's Mateship, pups/kits and adopting guide!


▶ Characters who are young (pup/kit aged- under 4 months for pups and under 6 months for cats) cannot have crushes, at all. This includes "hitting on" or "crushing on". It is forbidden. Characters who reach their "learning age" ex; Pups who are staying in the Rendezvous den and Apprentice aged cats can have crushes, but not mates. Apprentices/Pups in the R.Den should be focused on other things such as getting to know their clan/pack mates, training, learning, their education.

▶ Do not have multiple mates. The exception to this is wolves. Wolves may have multiple mates (usually only the males tend to have multiple mates) and he needs OOC permission from both female wolves to do this, as well as OOC permission from the Alpha/Alphess and an Admin.

▶ You must wait at least 2 weeks from officially becoming mates to have pups and/or kits.

▶ If your mate has been kicked out of the pack/clan for inactivity, has been banned, exil, etc, then you may choose another mate whenever you wish.

▶ A realistic amount of posts should be posted before becoming mates. Ex; You cannot post three messages and be automatically in love. A decent amount of posts should be sent in order for mateship to occur.


▶ You must wait at least 2 weeks RL time after you officially became mates to produce pups/kits.

▶You must have posted a minimum of 35 - 50 messages between the two characters in order to produce pups/kits.

▶ You may only have up to four pups and up to 5 kits, per litter.

▶ Keep the "love" realistic and appropriate. Detailed births are not needed- some of us do not want to read it. Therefore, you are allowed to keep it short and almost "unrealistic" due to the fact birth is realistically gory and users do not want to read gory births.

▶ Use realistic time-frames (obviously you don't just "become pregnant" or "become a queen" and look like you're ready to kit/pup 1 day later). There is a 2 week minimum you need to wait when becoming official mates before you can become pregnant. You should then be pregnant for about 10-14 RL days and then around the 12th - 14th day, you should give birth.

▶ You have three free litters for any one character. This means, one character can have three free litters with any she-cats/toms, but, the second those three have been used, you must purchase a forth from the admin store. Each birth must be spaced out a realistic and fair time-frame. We don't want the clans overpopulated by two users offspring. When purchasing an extra litter, you can only purchase one at a time and realistic time-frames are to be in between each purchase.


▶ If you wish to adopt a kit/pup, that is fine. However, both the adoptee and the adopter must give consent in OOC.

▶ If the pup/kit is not taken care of properly and/or is abused, the leader/alpha has permission to revoke your guardianship of the kit/pup.

If any of these rules are not followed, it does mean that your account has risked the potential to hold mates and have offspring.
Users who break these rules could have their pregnancy terminated and will have to wait another few weeks (a realistic time-frame) before they may become pregnant again. Unrealism is not tolerated on the forum.


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