Leader Ceremony

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Leader Ceremony

Post by Flare on Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:22 pm

WhisperingBreeze padded into the cave, looking around at her surroundings. She looked at the stone in front of her, glowing with the moonlight, and padded forward to touch her nose to it's icy surface.

"Greetings," Called a midnight black tom, stars in his pelt and warm eyes. Her father, who else could it be? The toms warm smile was welcominng and proud. "We couldn't be more happy for you. I am sure you will lead TempestClan with the best of your abilities. You will make a wonderful leader," He purred, and paused to gaze at his daughter for only a second befor continuing. "You shall recieve nine lives, each contributing a quality to your leadership that is necessary to guide your clan in the right direction." He stepped forward and placed his nose to hers and meowed. "With this life, I give you courage. Use it to guide your clan, even in it's darkest moments." Whispering nodded, so happy to see her father.

"Oh... My sweet little Whispering..." A white she cat stepped out of the crowd of cats surround WhisperingBreeze. It was her mother with her proud, green eyes and purr like a bee. "I am so proud of you as well..." She stepped forward and placed her nose to her daughters left ear. "With this life, I give you love. Use it to care and love your clan as much as I have always loved you..." And the white she fell back close to the ones you love and care for. Use it to form trust when you need it most." The she cat brushed against Whispering lovingly before going to stand back with the others.

A black and white she stepped forward and touched her nose to Whispering's right ear. It was her sister. "With this life I give you loyalty. Use it to stay close to the ones you love and care for, as well as form turst when you need it most." She smiled and brushed against WhisperingBreeze before going to join the others. A tear rolled down WhisperingBreezes cheek.

Next, a misty colored tom stepped up, much like Whispering herself, but with blue eyes and a darker pelt. It was her brother. He licked her forward and meowed "With this life I give you companionship. Use it to befriend and come closer to your clan and form bonds that will benefit your cause." He stepped away and dipped his head, grinning, proud.

Her old leader stepped up next and put her tail on her warrior's shoulder. The golden furred leader smiled. "With this life I give you happiness. Use it to enjoy every second of every moon and keep your clan in high spirits." She stepped back and nodded once to Whispering.

Next, a gingery and black tom cat stepped up, her old mentor. He spoke in his gruff, stern voice. "With this life I give you discipline. Use it to do what you know is right and keep control."
And just for a moment, the starry tom's hard expression melted into kindness. "I knew you would make it." He let a purr slip out of his throat and stepped back, the stony expression returning.

Her nest mate, and best friend soon stepped up, her brown pelt littered with the stars. Just an apprentice, the StarClan cat had died young. She came up to put a paw on Whispering. "With this life I give you hope. Use it when things get bleak and you know you have to push through them..." She trailed off, making eye contact with her best friend, before smiling a sad, sombre smile and turning back.

A tiny tortoiseshell she kit hopped up to Whispering. The kit would have been Whisperings apprentice, but died in a forest fire with Whispering desperately trying to save her. "With this life I give you determination. Use it to fight off enemies and do things that seem impossible." The tiny kit squeaked and playfully bopped and paw on Whisperings nose.

Finally, a tom with a crippled paw came up. He was a silver tabby that Whispering had taken care of when her old clan had found him on the border. "With this life I give you belief. Use it to keep on going with things that you know are right and to help others when no one else will." He smiled and brushed against her kindly, going to sit wth the others.

They all had formed a circle around Whispering as her father began to speak again. "You have now recieved the nine lives of a leader. We hope you will lead them with the courage and will power you have always possessed," Whispering noticed that all of the cats had suddenly started padding forward and putting there noses onto her fur.. "By the power invested in me, I take away your old name, WhisperingBreeze, for it no longer represents who you are. From now on, until your last life is spent, or you retire from your rank as leader, you shall be known as WhisperingStar. StarClan wishes you best of luck." WhisperingBreeze felt warmth spreading through her body from where the noses touched her and her father turned to her one last time and smiled. "I love you," He purred. And then the warmth grew, until she was enveloped with it.

WhisperingStar woke up on the cold hard floor and to the cold Leafbare night. She stood up and left the cavern, not even fluffing her pelt out against the bitter cold. WhisperingBreeze smiled as she realized she was warm. Straight to the core.
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