Astrid's Long walk

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Astrid's Long walk

Post by Raven on Wed Jan 29, 2014 6:46 am

The jet black fea walked through the tundra of snow. Little flakes fell from the heveans to meet with her fur. She shivered only a little to her being smaller then other wolves, she never came to another wolf that was A smaller then her or B her size. 'Runts... Why couldn't Liv be the Runt... Or Seth? But no im the runt instead a himuliation to my pack and family.' She thought to herself as she walked on hoping to find someone out in the winter wonder land.

Not knowing she was being followed did she keep going. Next thing she knew that she was in the snow and felt sharp teeth go into her back. Yelping in pain did she get up and face her persuder not seeing him did she feel once more teeth in the back of her neck. She was thrown and felt the painful teeth sink into her neck, killing her.

(xD Im already bored with her!)

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