Advertising Rules

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Advertising Rules

Post by MiseryCloud on Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:45 pm

Do you own an RP site?

Why not advertise it, using GBMP's advertising board?


Our advertising board is guest friendly. All advertisements which are posted on GBMP must also be guest friendly, meaning that we can advertise back on your site without having to create an account or use a password. This includes the ability to post external links. Guests can post external links here and so we expect the same for us when linking back. Forums which are not guest friendly will be deleted automatically without warning.

One advertisement per forum. If there are multiple advertisements for one forum, all advertisements for that one forum will be deleted.

Please also follow our basic and general rules when posting on GBMP. This means, do not use explicit or foul terms and language in your post. GBMP's basic rules and regulations can be found here

This board is open to both members and guests.

Breaching these rules will result in the advert being automatically deleted. If we link back and advertise our link on your forum and our post is deleted, yours will also be removed from GBMP.

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