WYRD: A Brand New Wolf Rp

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WYRD: A Brand New Wolf Rp

Post by WyrdAdmin on Wed Feb 19, 2014 2:07 pm


wyrd: A happening, event, or occurrence continually happening around us at all times.
The certainty that things will happen [fate], and the free will we have between now and that time.

It is said that the the Ancient Goddess of all life and fate, Eyva, created the first Seer to expound the mysteries of Fate to the mortal Wolf. A great antlered Dire Wolf, Eyva wove clay from the riverbed with seeds of the Apple, and molded it into a creature after her own self. She cast it in a layer of Bay and Sage leaves and breathed a part of her soul into the mold, and left it in the sun to dry. When the cast fell, the first Seer was born. Now, Eyva has become all but a myth to some. The wolves of these lands live with differing views and their disagreements in faith and lifestyle are pushing them ever closer to conflict. There is unrest in these wild lands. Who will you believe in? Does everything happen for a reason? Or is it all just a coincidence?

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Re: WYRD: A Brand New Wolf Rp

Post by MiseryCloud on Thu Feb 20, 2014 3:19 am

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