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Post by Gale on Sun Feb 23, 2014 7:57 pm

A long furred tabby tom lingered in, his haunting yellow eyes scanning the area. His large battle scarred head shifted as he looked around. One scar ran along his eyes. A deep gash that never fully healed. His pelt was littered with them. His build was massive and his paws huge. His ear was chipped at the top, and his claws remained unsheathed, clicking when they hit against each other, as he paced beneath the tree he currently inhibited. She. She thinks she got the best of me... That.. That is not the case. No one trifles me. No one defies me. He snarled in his mind. A little fire blossomed in that haunting gaze of his. A desperate hunger of one who had been starved for so many moons. Must I be forced to interrogate them? Those good for nothing, poor excuses for cats. Moronic . He paused his pacing and he sat, wrapping his long fluffy tail around his paws. A twisted sort of smile crept onto his face as he looked up at the sky. And as the last bit of color was seeping from it, the tom opened his mouth to speak, and the blossom grew to an inferno. "I've searched for many many moons, my dear. I know this for a fact, for I have been across the land."

He smirked so nastily as he mewed this last line. " Theres no where left to hide, Fallen."

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