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Post by Guest on Sun Mar 30, 2014 8:04 am

Name: Skittles
Age (in years/months, please): 2 years 0 months
Gender (Male / Female): female
Description of character appearance: redish color fur with black fur that comes have way up my legs on all my feet, black muzzle, white underneath head, white on the inside of ears and around the eyes and under neath tail,and black mane on the back of neck
Wolf breed (A list of accepted wolf breeds can be found in the ultimate wolf guide, the link will be below): Maned Wolf
Mate, if any:
Pup(s), if any:
Do you wish to join Washaki Pack, or be a lone wolf? wish to join Washaki Pack
Preferred rank if joining Washaki: Delta
History of character (Optional)
RP Style (Please post an in-depth RP post so we can see how experienced you are~ You *only* need to do this for your first character submission. Once you are approved once, there is no need to post another RP sample):[/b]
Special code(s) - Only needed if you're a new user: Never Give Up
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Post by MiseryCloud on Sun Mar 30, 2014 6:24 pm

Hey! Smile There are a few sections of your form which aren't correct, but.. They will take a few seconds to fix up. So, don't worry!

- Skittles isn't a wolf name I can accept. The wolves are wild and free. They're animals that live in the forest. Skittles are tasty and yummy, but, they're human food. Wolves wouldn't know what skittles are. So, unfortunately, you're going to have to pick another name. Perhaps pick a name that represents nature, so.. Blizzard, Storm, Snow, Night, Midnight, Tree, Flower, Grass, etc, or.. Type a word into google translate and use the word which came out. I find you get some pretty names from doing that. Smile

- Wolves on GBMP don't have manes. Manes are for lions and wolves typically don't have them. This also means that maned wolf isn't an acceptable wolf breed. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] you can find our acceptable wolf breed list. ^-^

- Also, on that same guide I gave you (link above) you will see a list of the wolf pack ranks. Delta is considered a high rank and all the clans and packs are currently undergoing a shuffle around of new ranks and such. So, please select a standard wolf rank; Sentinel or Scout, and maybe..Just maybe, you'll work your way up the ranks.

Thankkiesss. Smile
Just comment once you've made the changes.

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