A story.

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A story.

Post by Pallid on Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:12 am

I made this a while ago, along with some of my friends, but stopped it after this first portion. c:

    The sky was smudged with fine hues of violet and apricot, enough to make a woman envy. “Sally! W-Where do you be?” A boy, nearly adolescent, examined his surroundings. Protruding from the trunk of a tree was a bit of blue fabric. “F-F-Found you!” He chanted spontaneously, chin held rather high in defiance. An imperceptible huff escaped the lips of a small-framed girl clothed in pale blue, whom appeared from behind the tree.

    “Y-You were rather hard to seek this t-time ‘round!” Alexander commented, leisurely brushing dry grass off the cuff of his white shirt.

    “Thank you.” Sally muttered. Alexander smiled slightly. Sally’s cheeks were tinted a light pink. A holler shattered the considerably awkward silence between them. “Our mothers’d like us to return. The day is near done.” Sally spoke softly. Alexander nodded briefly and they proceeded stiffly back to the village.

    The cottages roofs were thatched with dry grass; now of a dull golden hue. Sally cast Alexander a glance and cocked her head to the side. “We depart now, I suppose. Perhaps we could meet at the dawn of tomorrow? Although, my chores...” Sally’s smile faded and she vanished through the door of a certain cottage. “Farewell, Alexander!” The door shut and the boy stood there for a moment, before returning to his own place of residence.

    “Greetings, my boy,” a voice greeted gruffly.

    “Yes, Father,” Alexander responded in a rather meek tone, careful not to meet his gaze.

    “Sit, my boy, your mother and I have something...to discuss with you. Alexander, you are becoming a man very soon. I have seen you’ve taken quite a liking to the Collins’s daughter. Is that so?”

    “N-No, Father, she is merely a friend.”

    “Ah, I was certain it was no reason for me to stress my soul on.”

    By this time, Alexander’s father had acquired an amused facial expression. A plump woman glided over to where Alexander and his father were conversing. She carried with her several scraps of bread and three small bowls of corn porridge. Old wooden spoons were clutched tightly in her trembling hands. “Ah, Mary, supper is now served? It is time to say our prayers, Alexander. Ready yourself.” Hands clasped together and eyes closed, all whom were at the tiny wooden table murmured inaudibly to themselves. After praying, which was brief, the family dined. Alexander ate as slow as he could manage, although he knew his parents, or rather, his father, would not bother to restrain asperity towards him.

    “Alexander! The porridge is cooling rapidly. It is near time to retire, and I’d hope to see you finish before we do.”

    “Y-Yes, Father.” He replied quietly, before thrusting a spoonful of the porridge into his mouth. His father rose and proceeded to the beds. Alexander ate wordlessly, for there was no one else to converse to but himself. One would say he was a rather lonely boy, but he truthfully felt that he, himself was the sole being he could trust with his secrets. Yes, for a young boy, he had quite some secrets to keep. Not even Sally knew of some…

    “Alexander! Didn’t you hear your father?” His mother glanced at him with a rather worried look dancing in her eyes and beckoned for him to hurry. Alexander’s father nodded. “Your mother is correct, my son.” Alexander’s father answered in a rough, deep voice.  

    “My boy, is anything perhaps, troubling you?” The child shook his head quickly and shoved some more porridge into his mouth, savoring the bland flavor, and the fact that this was what kept them from the face of starvation. Alexander swallowed, and spooned up the last of the watery oatmeal. He dipped his head in a slight bow. “T-Thank you Mother, for the m-meal,” he stuttered in a pitifully soft manner. His dam and sire gazed at him as he vanished into the bedroom. “Aye, my son, he is a nervous boy.” Alexander’s father shook his head slowly.

    Clutching the quilt nervously, Alexander closed his eyes, in perhaps, hopes of falling asleep. It was near an impossible task for him to accomplish, however, but he tried nonetheless. Alexander sighed and opened his eyes, it was now three hours before dawn and it was dark out. He glanced around, his parents were sleeping quite soundly. He jerked up the edge of the blanket a bit and slipped his two legs to the side, effectively managing to set his feet on the ground. Alexander silently trailed out of the room and into the dining room. He set on a thin, ragged jacket of some sort and continued outside. Sally stood in the front of her family’s cottage and offered him a little wave.

    “You’re here!” Sally spoke with delight in her tone.

    “Y-Y-Yes,” Alexander replied softly. Sally frowned.

    “Oh.” Alexander shrugged dryly and they both then continued towards the small hill in the far distance.

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