She is coming 'round the mountain when she comes! 8D

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She is coming 'round the mountain when she comes! 8D

Post by Fenris on Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:51 pm


And the she-wolf is on a mission: To figure out what is that strange voice inside her head, and how can she tell what the voice is feeling at almost any given time. The voice is constantly making her have emotional out-bursts for no apparent reason- she could be her usual happy self one minute, and a rain shower of tears another. It's almost as if these are the emotions of someone close to her, but her family is dead... so who on earth could it be? She is unsure why the voice is making her feel this way, but it seems to be calling out to her.... SO SHE MUST HELP IT! An unexpected soon to be Alpha may be in for a huge surprise when his half-sister comes to the forest...

Hehe, I don't know why- but I had a lot of fun writing that! xD
I'll be mostly Rping with myself on this one- Rivi will be on one account, and FenFen on this one. Maybe an energetic sister is just what Fenny needs to get his act together! We'll have to see! Very Happy
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