Leaf - Rogue/ValiantClan Kit

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Leaf - Rogue/ValiantClan Kit

Post by *Firefly* on Fri May 02, 2014 12:58 am

Name: Leaf (You can pick her clan prefix and suffix since I have no inspiration. Make it pretty! Very Happy)

Age (in moons, please): Newborn

Gender (Male / Female): She-Cat

Description of character appearance: Leaf is a very small-statured she-kit, as she is a lot smaller than most newborns. She is a medium gray cat with a dark gray striped, plumy, fluffy tail. Her large eyes are two-colored; her right eye is amber and her left eye is blue, Her nose is a very, very light pink. Her back has dark gray stripes like her tail, but nowhere else on her body has stripes. She looks exactly like her mother, besides her plumy tail and a little diagonal cut in between her eyes that later becomes a scar. (It starts near the end of her eye to her forehead like so; [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.])

Mate, if any: None

Kit(s), if any: None

Preferred clan, if any (TempestClan, SombreClan, RillClan and ValiantClan): ValiantClan, once they find her.

Preferred rank: Kit

History of character (Optional): A small-statured queen, obviously a rogue, had eyes wide with fear as she stumbled in the dirt, carrying a tiny kit by the scruff. Her paws brought her closer to the strange camp as she trotted fearfully towards it. "P-please.. take care of h-her... give her the l-life I-I-I've always wanted her to h-have... if I don't m-make it." She stammered, her voice muffled by fur and tears streaming down her face and onto the wet ground, mixing in with the salty rain. Lightning illuminated her medium gray face as her two-colored eyes, her right eye amber and her left eye blue, glowed with sorrow. She shakily set down the tiny light and dark gray kit on the ground outside of the clan's camp. Her whole body shook, her fur bristling, and blood pouring from her mouth and her great wounds all over her body. The she-cat collapsed, her dark gray striped tail and back starting to lay still. She touched her bright pink nose to the tiny she-kit's back fur, and looked weakly at her daughter. With an ounce of breath, a tiny smile formed on the mothers muzzle as she pulled her kit closer to her warm fur as she muttered some words... "I l-love you.. my kit.." As she whispered this, she slowly exhaled, closing her eyes and seemingly going unconscious. The small curve of her hopeful smile was still there, and the shape of a cat could be seen, glowing nearly silver in front of her. She smiled, and walked towards another cat, and then they could be seen talking. "It is not your time to pass away yet." The cat said, its starry fur sparkling. As it spoke, the queen noticed it was a tortoiseshell she-cat. "I'm not? Oh, thank StarClan. I didn't want to leave my kit on her own." The queen meowed, and disappeared. The tortoiseshell queen smiled, as she looked up at a starry silver striped paw starting to come into vision. Soon, it was a full cat--a silver tabby tom with a white underbelly. They touched noses, twined tails and bumped their sides together as they turned around and walked away. She and the tom seemingly turned into dust and faded into the stars, glittering as they fell back to their afterlife.

RP Style (Please post an in-depth RP post so we can see how experienced you are~ You *only* need to do this for your first character submission. Once you are approved once, there is no need to post another RP sample): Look above. I've done longer posts, (I think.) but that's all I'm going to post there.

Special code(s) - Only needed if you're a new user:

Extra(s): I don't really have anything, so... yep. However, don't worry, I will wait until I get my extra charry slot approved, and then get another. Smile

Were you referred by someone? If so, who? No one. :3

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