Descriptions of the clans and pack.

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Descriptions of the clans and pack. Empty Descriptions of the clans and pack.

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You do not have to treat your pack exactly as the description. This description mainly describes the territory surrounding the pack and/or clans as well as give brief descriptions of their original behavior/traits from when the clans originated.

The Territory Map;

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The surrounding history of the clans
The clans we once knew and loved..ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, gone.. They crumbled and burnt in a fire which destroyed them all. Moons and moons went by. Generations later and the rules and code we once obeyed still remains, the traditions which kept us strong remaining in our souls. Three kin of the original clans formed and created the new clans we now know. SombreClan, TempestClan and ValiantClan. The fourth generation of RiverClan lost. Until moons and moons had past. A battle between the wolves and cats formed, bloodshed spilling on the clan cats paws..The war stopped by the powers of StarClan. The ground shook and rumbled, giving rise to a new form of territory. RillClan was born. Four clans now walk the forest grounds, unaware of what lies ahead.

SombreClan (Means dark, unhappy, sad)

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SombreClan is surrounded by thick bushes, swampy grounds and tall trees, thus creating a dark atmosphere. It has a dark, shadowy forest which helps set a dark type of mood. Which contributes to the clan name - Sombre. SombreClan cats aren't always bitter and shadowy, they can be friendly and outgoing. They respect the code and stand up for what they believe in, however, they are rather distrusting. SombreClan cats are excellent at tree climbing and catching prey such as frogs and birds. They are known to have good balance and surprise their attackers by lurking in the dark shadows of their territory. Most like ShadowClan and SkyClan from the novels.

First Leader: NightStar * (NightPelt).
Previous Leader(s): LightningStar (LightningGrowl), LionStar * (LionBreath)
Previous deputy(s) IceWhisker*, LightningGrowl, LionBreath*, Howlingwind.
Current Leader: HowlingStar. (HowlingWind. Username- HowlingStar)
Current deputy: PigeonFeather. (Username- Pigeon)

ValiantClan (Means courageous)

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ValiantClan's territory consists of tall pine trees and some rocky terrain. They are proud warriors who protect one another. They have a tendency to be loyal to one another and usually consume a lot of birds and rabbits as prey. They have an excellent stalking ability and are known to be considerably strong. They are friendly cats and have the reputation of being proud, courageous in battle and are fiercely loyal. Most like ThunderClan and ShadowClan from the novels.

First Leader: SnowStar. (Warrior name unknown)
Previous Leader(s): WaveStar (Warrior name unknown), NightmareStar (Nightmarereverie).
Previous deputy(s) Rabbitleap*, Thistlestep*, Goldenheart*, Nightmarereverie. Chipmunkfire.
Current Leader: ChipmunkStar (ChipmunkFire. Username- ChipmunkStar)
Current deputy: ResoluteStep (Username- Resolute)

TempestClan (Means Windy and Stormy)

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It contains a lot of open moors and large open spaces, large mountains and very few streams and trees. The clan is prone to storms and heavy wind (hence the name). Cats from TempestClan have been said to have been able to run as fast as the wind and have tempers like storms when aggravated. Rabbits, hares and mice are TC's most common prey. These warriors are easily offended and have a reputation at being good at creating tunnels.  TC warriors have rough grey paw-pads which are useful for climbing the rocky and mountain terrain. Mostly like WindClan and SkyClan from the novels.

First Leader: PetalStar. (PetalRain) *
Previous Leader(s): RunningStar * (RunningSoul), RevealedStar (RevealedSky), CopperStar (CopperClaw)
Previous deputy(s) Bluewater*, Meadowheart*, Revealedsky, Copperclaw, Heatflow.
Current Leader:
Current deputy:

Washaki (Named after an actual wolf pack from Yellowstone park.)
Not much is known about this wolf pack. They never seem to bother the clans in large groups, so when they are sighted on clan territories, the cats assume they are lone wolves, nothing more and nothing less.

RillClan (Means stream)

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RillClan contains a lot of "watery" territories which make these cats excellent swimmers and the best cats at catching fish. These cats thrive in water and try to spend most of their time in or around the water. The whole camp is surrounded in large thick reeds. The camp is very close to the Falls - the most popular hunting spot in RC. The Falls has a stretch of water which runs just behind the camp and the Nursery. The water there is very shallow and kits often play in the water which enable them to get used to the feeling of the water. The Nursery den has very thick walls to prevent flooding. A lot of shiny items often wash up on the Sun-Drown-Shore-Line for RC cats to decorate their nests with. RC's main prey consists of fish, water voles, the odd mouse and the occasional bird. RillClan is most like RiverClan and ThunderClan from the books

First Leader: DynamicStar (DynamicShadow. Username- Asha)  
Previous Leader(s):
Previous deputy(s)
Current Leader: DynamicStar. (DynamicShadow. Username- DynamicStar)
Current deputy: Duckshine (Username- Duckshine)

Key: Usernames marked with an * are made up leaders. This is just so that the clan's have a bit more kick to their history.

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