What is Mini-Character-Drama?

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What is Mini-Character-Drama?

Post by Alphess Aiyana on Thu Oct 03, 2013 12:22 am

Questions and information regarding Mini-Character Plots!

Mini-Character-Plots are plots or drama which users have created to spice up their characters lives. But, they are not dramas which affect everyone - only admins can control dramas affecting everyone. Whether this is a crazy killer ex mate which has returned, an evil rogue like scourge, two brothers reunited, medicine cats having kits, a forbidden love - anything along those lines, it needs to be posted.

Why, may you ask? Purely to ensure the forum is kept at a high standard of realism and to provide, you, the users, with a place to stick your drama so you can monitor it yourselves.

These dramas do not need an approval check from an Admin or a Moderator, but they do need to be posted before you begin the drama. Admins and Moderators can question the realism of your drama plot and if it is deemed as too "dramatic" or if it is occurring when a "whole" forum drama is taking place, yours may be postponed until the whole drama is finished.

If you have any questions regarding this, PM an Admin for more information before beginning your RP drama plot.
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