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Post by Alphess Aiyana on Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:12 pm

Special Clan Techniques
These are techniques created by the current leaders of the clans, TempestClan, SombreClan, RillClan and ValiantClan. They have created a more "uniqueness" around the three clans and have allowed for each leader's own personal touch to the clan. These techniques will never change, even when the leader dies or retires as these techniques are now being built into clan history.

Mentors are required to teach their apprentices the technique for their particular clan. You merely explain and demonstrate the move for each clan. The leader has ensured that it is easy to follow so that you can teach it to apprentices.

The techniques


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Shattering Tempest.

For many generations, Tempestclan cats have used old tunnels under the territory in order to hide from the twolegs and dogs that sometimes wandered into the territory from the thunderpath. This system of tunnels was unknown to anyone except for their own. Thus far, these tunnels have been useless except for the infrequent need for defense - however, an attack strategy has been developed recently by Copperstar, the Tempestclan leader. In order to make it more effective, all the tunnels have been expanded and connected. The tunnels are now used for attack and defense purposes, sneaking up on opponents when they passed by and attacking them. All the cats are taught to memorize them by heart at the beginning of apprenticeship so that navigating them would become a second nature.


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The Night Crusher.

This battle technique was developed by HowlingStar and his deputy, PigeonFeather, who felt they would use the large trees in their territory to their advantage as well as their sneaky, mysterious personalities and their dark pelts which blend well with the skies of night. This technique is taught to all apprentices when they begin battle training to ensure they know it well so they could perform it if needed. The Night Crusher is said to be a powerful and explosive move which all SombreClan cats must learn and be able to perform. This technique not only surprises the enemy but also ensures we are in control the entire time. To do this move; You must balance on a low branch of a tree in the middle of the night, a patrol scattered in the branches and trees nearby. Wait for the leader of the patrol to give the signal then drop down from the branch, claws  unsheathed for maximum injury. Strike your enemy multiple times while they are still in shock from the attack. If the enemy tries to escape, strike them again and try to cut off all possible escape routes. If they do not try to escape, give them a warning and have them go back the way they came.


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Slide and Shred.

This move, developed by Nightmarestar and Chipmunkfire, takes advantage of a warrior's weakest spot. A cat will slide underneath it's opponent's belly, positioning their front paws in a spot that will prop up their opponent, such as digging the claws into the sides of the shoulders or in their 'armpits' to stop them from getting away. They then use their hind legs to kick at their opponent's stomachs as rapidly as they can, also using their hind legs-in between belly rakes-to knock back their opponent's hind legs to prevent them from hitting their own stomachs. While it can be hard to master, a nicely executed slide and shred can cause excellent results for the attacker.


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Twisting Rapids.

Since being formed, RillClan has become swift and lean in the water. The agile swimmers love being in the water, and so DynamicStar has decided to create a unique attack for his clan. The attacker dives under the water, using their unique swimming ability to avoid attacks. Then, they swim around the target, making sure they don't kick the water two hard and make splashes. Once behind the target, the attacker presses their body against the riverbed where they propel themselves upwards and out of the water, yowling the RillClan war cry and land on the chosen targets back and do further attacks from there.
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