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The Prey and Sickness List Empty The Prey and Sickness List

Post by Alphess Aiyana on Tue Nov 19, 2013 4:23 am

The Prey and Sickness List!

Here is a list of prey for wolves and cats. As well as a sickness list for wolves, cats and illnesses which they both can have.

Note: Wolves do use the same medicine cat guide as cats which can be located in the "ultimate warrior cat guide" or simply by clicking [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The Cats Prey-List

All the clans have different prey types due to their territory differences, but, all can consume the same foods and prey as they are all feline. Here is a list of prey which cats can consume.

➣ Insects such as spiders, roaches, worms.
➣ Berries and plants such as leaves.
➣ All types of fish (except don't be silly and randomly have your character eat a shark..)
➣ Birds such as jays, black birds, sparrows, finches, crows, pigeons and etc. (Clan cats here do not have the ability to catch eagles)
➣ Rabbits and mice.
➣ Voles and squirrels.
➣ Frogs and small reptiles such as lizards.

The Wolf Prey-List

Here is a basic list of what wolves consume.

➣ Caraboo, Elk, Bison, Deer, Moose, Antelope, Sheep, Goats, Cows, Okapi, Zebra, Gazelle, Springbok, Impala, Wildebeest.
➣ Small rodents like mice. Rabbits, squirrels, raccoon.
➣ Small reptiles such as lizards and frogs.
➣ Birds.
➣ The occasional fish.

The Cat Sickness List

➣ Chest infections such as kitcough, whitecough, greencough. Whitecough is the most common form of chest infection but if left untreated, it can become the deadly greencough. It is usually a sickness caught in leaf-bare and can result in large scale epidemics. It is a highly contagious illness and can be treated using catmint. If fevers accompany the cough, borage and tansy is also used.

➣ Poisoning - there are many herbs and plants which can cause cats to become ill and sick due to poisoning. Eating rotten prey and/or drinking tainted water can also cause a cat to become ill due to poisoning. Large scale amounts can cause death. Wolves do also have this form of poisoning, but, it is only transmitted through drinking tainted water or infectious plants (healed same way as clan cats). If wolves eat rotten prey, they get The Wailing Blood Eater instead.

➣ Rat-borne infections such as the carrionplace disease or rat bites. Burdock root is used to treat rat bites as is rolling in wild garlic. Wolves do not get this as they do not often consume mice and rats - too small for them.

Wolf Sickness List

➣ The Plague - (Known as Dementia for Humans), an illness which causes the wolf to become forgetful, violent and angered easily. Symptoms include bleeding, muscle growth, drooling, paranoia, delusions, pain in the chest and limbs. There is no cure and it is very common in older wolves. The illness is very rare in young wolves.

➣  The Wailing Blood Eater - Basically a parasite which lives within the wolves body which got there from eating bad or rotten prey. Wolves with this illness often wail and cry out in pain. Symptoms are high fever, joint pain, weakness, blurred vision, even death. There is a herb which does cure this illness and it is a mixture of herbs. Poppy seeds and Lambs ear crushed with a herb not used by the clans. The herb is a berry, much like a deathberry but not poisonous. The berry is called a Bloodberry - bright red and juicy. They are extremely hard to find. This illness is somewhat common - uncommon.

➣   Ulric's Bite - Basically a large infected wound. Very common and treated the same way as warrior cat injuries.

➣  The Wobbles - Basically a sickness caused by eating bad prey or drinking water, maybe even eating to fast or something. This is a very common illness and causes wolves to feel dizzy, tired, even have a sore stomach. Rest and poppyseeds cure this.

➣ Ulric's Taint - A weird yet uncommon illness which causes wolves with low immune systems to seek food and prey such as soil, bark and leaves. The wolf feels constantly hungry, dizzy, lightheaded and often has blurry vision. It is an uncommon illness and can be treated with herbs from the medicine cat guide (such as ragweed) which give strength to cats, rest and fresh water also helps. Death can occur if the wolf continues to eat odd foodstuffs.

➣ Angry Snout - Basically the wolf's version of greencough. Treated with juniper berries and feverfew instead of catmint. However, like greencough, if left untreated the illness can get worse and death can occur.

➣ Weepy Eye - A wolf can get sore and weepy eyes from time to time. It is a common illness and can be treated with Celandine from the medicine cat guide.

Common Injuries for BOTH species

➣ Wounds such as torn, cut or punctured flesh and muscle. These are very common injuries but could put the cat/wolf's life at risk if severe enough.

➣ Sprains. These can usually be cured with a lot of rest.

➣ Joint dislocation - these must be treated by placing the joint back into place by the Shaman and/or Medicine cat. Poppy seeds should be used for this.

➣ Cracked pawpads. Elders are mostly prone to this.

➣ Broken bones can be tricky to heal and sometimes may not heal entirely correct. Cats most often break their legs, and while medicine cats try to bind the bone with cobwebs, the injury usually results in the cat remaining crippled for the rest of his or her life.  A more severe injury is when a cat breaks his or her backbone. This results in the cat being unable to feel or move parts of his or her body. However, wolves usually make full recoveries as they have stronger and firmer frames.

➣ Joint Aches can also pose an issue within the clans and the pack. Usually happens to elders.

➣ Loss of senses such as sight, hearing or even limbs due to old age (no, no, you don't lose limbs as you get older), birth defects, infections or accidents. (Characters with these issues can now be purchased from the Admin Point Store). These issues can usually end a cat's and wolf's career as a warrior/scout/sentinel, depending on the severity.

➣ Toothache.

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