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Main Character Profiles

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Main Character Profiles Empty Main Character Profiles

Post by MiseryCloud Fri Jan 24, 2014 12:58 am

Main Character Profiles

Main character profiles are basically an extra profile which has been added to your account for your main character. In this profile, there are many features such as; Ranking System, Name, Age, Appearance, Clan, Gender, Character Slots, Character Health and others. You can change the stats over to different characters if your main character seems to change. These profile sections are to help you keep track of your character and other people's characters as well.

You can access and alter your main character profile using these simple steps;
Profile >>> Main Character Stats >>>

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

In this guide, you will find information on the features of your character profile so that you can alter it as you please.

The Ranking System

The ranking system is an idea come up with by myself - GBMP Admin with extra ideas, opinions and features contributed to it by the GBMP Forum Staff. I felt that when fighting in groups or VS an opponent, that having a "skills" bar or table which vary depending on rank and clan would be useful as not all warriors and apprentices will have the exact same skill level as they are in different clans and are different ages. So, I created a new ranking system, got the opinion from the Staff and altered it to suit.

Here is the ranking system - it is blank and has not been filled out. The ranking systems can be located in your profile and under "main character stats". Like the sections in there, this table is for your main character only.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

As you can see there are four sections, each with a different attribute; Strength, Speed, Stamina, Agility. Then there is another four sections which go across and basically "measure" how much of each skill 'said' user has.

Each of the different attributes is strong in one clan.
TempestClan - Speed
SombreClan - Agility
ValiantClan - Strength
RillClan - Stamina
Washaki Pack - Stamina

Speed - Measures how fast your character moves. These characters with high speed have much more chance than other cats at being the first to attack. High speed levels means these cats can run very fast, much faster than standard or low levels and can use their speed to advantages (confusing their opponents), striking their opponents in a quick and fast manner, dodging easily.

Agility - Measures your movements and how stealthy these movements are. Cats with higher agility have better chances at sneaking up on other cats, dodging attacks and jumping high into the air. Agility improves your stealth and makes cats with high agility levels more flexible than those who have low agility levels.

Strength - Measures your physical power and how much power you can put into an attack/task. These cats with high strength levels usually have larger builds and more body muscle thus meaning they have stronger attacks and can give an intimidating factor using their size and strength much better than other cats.

Stamina - Measures your cats ability to continue fighting/hunting. Cats with higher stamina's are less likely to get tired easily and can usually last a long period of time before becoming exhausted - lasting longer against similarly ranked characters e.g; Two warriors. The one with higher stamina will last longer in the fight. Cats with higher staminas can usually take more hits than other average cats, too.

If a character is in a particular clan (born there or moved into there is irrelevant), then they will be "strongest" or have "higher skill" in the section which their clan features in. So, a ValiantClan warrior will have highest skill in strength, whereas a TempestClan warrior would have their highest skill in speed. If.. Let's say,  a ValiantClan warrior changes to TempestClan, their "extra" strength skill is removed and it is swapped over to TempestClan, thus making "speed" their highest skill.

If a clan cat or pack wolf leaves their clan/pack all together and becomes a rogue/loner/kittypet, then they keep their current stats. Attempted cheating; Joining a clan/pack then leaving, merely so they could gain the stat skill is cheating and will be frowned upon by members of staff. Cheating could result in a warning.

Going through the ranks and adding skill

Kits/pups (characters under 6 months old) will be given no skills to put on their ranking system. So, theirs shall remain blank.

Pups who have received their Invitation/Cat-Apprentices are given four skill points which they must use to fill each of the four spaces. They then get an extra mark, which has to be placed in their clan/pack strength. This means, all apprentices have the same skills, somewhat, but, have a stronger point in "speed" if from TempestClan, or a stronger point in Agility if from SombreClan.  

TempestClan - Speed
SombreClan - Agility
ValiantClan - Strength
RillClan - Stamina
Washaki Pack - Stamina

A ValiantClan apprentice example;

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Warriors, then receive an extra three skill points, so then it fills down the remainder columns plus an extra one to mark the strength of their clan. There is no customization for warriors. All warriors must have the same skills, but, highest skill in whichever clan they are currently in. This is the exact same for Sentinels, Scouts, Guardians and Deltas. Three extra skill points, plus one extra majoring in their pack skill which is Stamina.

A ValiantClan warrior example;

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Deputies/Betas have the same skill set as warriors, but then once promoted receive four more skill points.

A ValinatClan Deputy example;

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

And finally, leaders (same goes for the Alpha and Alphess) will receive one extra skill point after that. So, if I am ValiantClan's leader, I can then chose to have a strength majoring in Stamina, Speed or Agility. I already have all my Strength filled up, which leaves one of three extras. I'll select Stamina. So, it should look like this;

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The Extras

Medicine cats/Shamans and their apprentices
Medicine cats/Shamans and their apprentices still must have basic fighting and hunting knowledge, however, their skills are not "the best" and so, therefore will have the same stat ranking system as an apprentice. Scroll upwards to see the apprentice ranking system.

Loners/Rogues and Kittypets
Kittypets will have a total of zero points. They will basically have the knowledge skills of a kit, therefore will have no marks or points on their ranking table at all.

Loners/Rogues who are older than 6 months (regardless of species) will have the same ranking system as an apprentice. So, four points to mark each skill section. One point for strength, one for speed, one for agility and one for stamina. While some rogues can fight relatively well, their skills in comparison to a clan-warrior/pack-wolf should not be as good as they have not had the intense and strict training which warriors/pack wolves have gone through. If the loner or rogue decides to join a clan/pack, then their skill points will then be able to be changed to suit their rank in the clan. Apprentice, Warrior, etc.

Wolves VS Cats
When wolves or cats fight, these ranking systems are not meant to be compared. They are to an extent, but, not too closely for wolves are much stronger than cats and should by far have a larger and higher skill set all over in comparison to cats. Wolf VS Cat fights are somewhat rare. However, if one does occur, the wolf user will double their stats. But, there is not enough room to physically "double" the stats using the table, so, the wolf user will need to post their ranking score at the start of the fight or somewhere in the beginning for the cat user to see. It is an extremely easy task and requires no editing or anything.

Doubling wolf statistics;

Wolves in Washaki are strongest in stamina, meaning a scout/sentinel/guardian or delta will have a stat rank which looks like this (yes, it is the same for a RillClan warrior)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

To double the stats, you simply add however many is already there and add that same number onto the stat, thus doubling it.

First line - Strength;
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] - There is two strength points. So, you add two more, creating a total of four strength points.

Second line - Speed;
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] - There is two speed points. So, you add two more, creating a total of four speed points.

Third line - Agility;
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] - There is two agility points. So, you add two more, creating a total of four agility points.

Fourth line - Stamina;
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] - There is three speed points. So, you add three more, creating a total of six agility points.

Wasn't that easy? Now, all I need to do is post that once in the topic/comment section where the fight between the cat and wolf is going to take place.

Example (sorry, it's a bit blurry!);

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The stat rank for my wolf which is about to fight a cat has been posted just below my RP comment. I now do not need to post that stat anymore, unless I pick a new fight with another cat/user in a different location.

These doubled stats are only for Wolf VS Cat. And the cat does not double their stats at all. Their stats are left as they are.

When fighting, whether that be a mere border fight between two users or a large group fight, if you are attacking one or two users, you can open up their profile and view their ranking system. This can be done by clicking The Members List >>> The Users Username, Example; MiseryCloud >>> Main Character Stats.

These stats are not an excuse to use God-Modding, Unfair Roleplaying or Auto-hitting. They are merely comparisons of different clan/pack and rank strength and if you chose for your character to get injured, then you can see what moves are most likely to injure or fool your character. Example; My character MiseryCloud is a SombreClan warrior, if she fights a TempestClan warrior, she is most likely going to be outran and tricked and confused by the fast movements of the TC warrior. The two could both equally dodge attacks, however, as both agility and speed allow for good dodging.

The Health Bar and Character Slots

Health Bar

The Health Bar should remain out of 100 and should be altered realistically - 25/100 shows that your character is seriously ill, no energy, can't stand, can barely move, exhausted. Unrealistic estimates won't result in a warning or telling off. Just a simple PM or reminder to alter it so that it is more realistic.

You alter the first box to change your character health. The second box must remain out of 100.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Your character health, followed by character slots and character mood appear in your posts in all threads around the forum.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Character Slots

When you first start GBMP, you are given five free characters per account. You will have your first character which you used to sign up and then you will have 4 characters remaining to roleplay. This means you should alter your character slot so it appears 1/5 - meaning, you roleplay one character out of the 5 potential characters you can roleplay. Like the health bar, you alter the first number to the amount of characters you roleplay. So, if you roleplay four characters, then you should alter your character bar to 4/5.

If at any stage you reach that limit of five characters and wish to add another character to roleplay (making it a total of 6 roleplay characters per account), you must purchase a new slot from the Administration store. Once you have brought another character, you may alter your character slot again.

First number - How many characters you currently roleplay.
Second number - How many characters you CAN roleplay all together. (Example; When you start, this number will be 5, unless you purchase another character slot which will make it 6, then if you purchase another slot after that, it will be 7 and so on)

Where can I see other peoples stats?

Members >>> Click the username of the user who's profile you wish to view >>> Main Character Stats.

To modify parts of your character stats, you can use the above method - but click your own username then click modify then select save.


You could use another method,

Profile >>> Main Character Stats - then select save once you have modified your stats.


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