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Schmitty's Place (all are welcome)

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Schmitty's Place (all are welcome) Empty Schmitty's Place (all are welcome)

Post by Creepereh Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:14 pm

Her twolegs nest is run down by twolegs standards, but absolutely perfect in Schmitty's judgement. There are holes everywhere. One could duck in and out. Zig and zag. And really just have a good ole time with the holes all by themselves. But there is more than just the holes. There are trees EVERYWHERE. Her twolegs nest is right on the outside of the forest. Oh its just perfect really. Oh and in leaf fall Schmitty jumps up into the air catching the leaves. Its all good fun really. Those jumping skills have certainly come in handy now a days. The birds have gotten used to Schmitty waltxing around the place and didn't pay much mind to her. Ha, stupid birds. Schmitty's a fat happy cat now. She has even had enough to bring her twolegs at one point or another. It's weird though. They don't seem to really appreciate the offer. Only the tallest she-twoleg ever praises her skill and effort, but, even she doesn't eat it. Waste not want not Schmitty figures. She eats the birds left for her twolegs too.
Lately though, the forest seems all the more interesting. Schmitty has heard stories from the other neighborhood cats of a group, a clan she thinks she remembers, that live in there. Maybe one day she could visit them. Eh a thought for another time.
Her twolegs are calling, its moon rise now. Time to curl up with the tallest she twoleg and sleep till sunrise.

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