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JayFeathers Poetry Page

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 30, 2013 1:12 am

Hey guys so starting now I will post all my past  and new poems here :3 If anyone likes my poems here they are hehe :DJust A Friendly Reminder All These Were Written By Me, Thank You And Enjoy Feed Back Is Wanted Smile
Your Poet,
Jay xD

Bloody Battle
The sun starts to set,
but it's only the beginning thats a bet
claws are let lose
scars are produced
growls are heard
while mourning is heard
this a a bloody battle
survival of the fittest
no one gets pity
this will determine who is the brave
and who is the weaker

Missing Feather
Everyone gather together
We must search for the missing feather
It was last seen in the forest
No wasn't it last seen by the river?
The Feather floats gently
The trail is rather faintly
We must keep looking
There isn't much were losing
Shall we keep looking?

It Ends Tonight
The battle is tonight,
We need to fight with all our might
We needs to claim what is ours
before they do, the cowards
this isn't going to be easy
If your scared then you better be leaving
only the strongest can fight
because to fight you need might
who will win this battle
who will die tonight?
this shall end all rivarly alright

Forest Fire
The forest shall fill with fire
Everything will burn and tire
The last of the birds shall be seen
Before anything turns back to green
The stream will be coaxed in ashes
While some warriors will have some gashes
The sun will rise
While some die
Everything seems like a hoax
But there is smoke
This is anything but a joke
so let us mourn
And celebrate to those born
another moon passes by
But the past makes some cry

Let's us reunite,
and makes plans that will fright,
Shh!!, be silent no one shall know,
About what's about to blow,
we will come in quickly,
Soon blood shall be dripping,
Everything is now in place,
Now everything is grace,
We won against them,
This place is ours,
Anyone who trespasses we will devour!

The Life
The Life Of The Feather Is Gone
In The Battle Everything Went Wrong
The Life Was Lost
As Of Many
The Feather Drifts Away
She's Getting Ready
To Say Her GoodByes
A Life That Was Lost Of Many
So Off She Drifts
She Has No Worries That She Might Slip
>Poem For My Fallen Cat JayFeather

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Re: JayFeathers Poetry Page

Post by Guest on Sun Dec 01, 2013 8:16 pm

Battle #2
The Battle Was Bloody
No One Was Cuddling
Instead Lives Were Lost
Loved Ones also
The Battle Was Bloody
Many Brave Warrior Cats Lost
Wolves Taking Their Lives Away
While The Clan-Mates Burry Them Away
The Cats Who Were Brave
Are Now Out And Away

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Re: JayFeathers Poetry Page

Post by HowlingStar on Sat Dec 07, 2013 8:35 pm

Oohh. Nice. :3

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Re: JayFeathers Poetry Page

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