Remembering Memories.

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Remembering Memories.

Post by Fenris on Wed Feb 05, 2014 11:52 am

With a quickened breath, a large robust male burst into the clearing. His amber eyes burned with determination as he raced forward; his black pelt a little wet from the drenched wet grass underneath his gigantic paws. 'So much has changed since I last came here, but I never felt so alive.'

The Beta of Washaki thought as he skidded to a halt in a wide clearing; kicking up mud as he stopped. "The recent rain hasn't helped much with finding her scent either.. but it fits..." He barked quietly, gazing up into the sky; his indifferent expression remained glued onto his face, like a mask. 'Almost as if the Sky-wolves are crying up in the sky... where she is. Where both of them are... I should go to her den. Where we met. But first...' Fenris thoughts trailed off, letting out a small sigh. He padded to the nearest tree and sat down, looking blankly at the ground.
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