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Post by Iriskit on Sat Mar 22, 2014 9:37 am

Age (in moons, please):3 moons
[b]Gender (Male / Female):Female
[b]Description of character appearance: Light gray she-cat with light blue eyes
[b]Mate, if any:

Kit(s), if any:
Preferred clan, if any (TempestClan, SombreClan, RillClan and ValiantClan: Tempestclan (she was a loner but wants to join Tempestclan.:
[b]Preferred rank:

History of character (Optional)
RP Style (Please post an in-depth RP post so we can see how experienced you are~ You *only* need to do this for your first character submission. Once you are approved once, there is no need to post another RP sample):"Mama?" I meowed." Where are you?" I wandered a little bit away to look for her. "Where did you go? Mama come back!" I wailed. I panicked and ran as far as I could. Then not able to go any further, I collapsed breathing hard.
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Re: Iriskit

Post by MiseryCloud on Sat Mar 29, 2014 11:30 pm


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Main Character Stats
Character slots:
5/5  (5/5)
Health Bar:
43/100  (43/100)
Character Mood:: ValiantClan are trying to take back the pines? Good luck to them is all I can say..

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