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My Charries

Post by Leafheart on Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:30 pm

Name: Leafheart

Age: Sixteen moons

Gender: She-cat

Clan and position: ValiantClan Med-cat

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Sister(s): Unknown

Brother(s): Unknown

Mates: Forbidden

Kits: Again, Forbidden

Appearance: Leafheart is a small, black and white she-cat, her fur is thin. She can blend into the shadows somewhat well, and she has deep blue. When she's first seen, the eyes catch the most attention, her steady gaze and gentle expression.

Personality: Leafheart is compassionate, friendly, stubborn, pure, loyal, usually calm, gentle, and fierce when angry. She's a great medicine cat, though she doesn't have much confidence in her ability. She naturally picked up on healing and helping sick cats, and spent her apprenticeship working hard to become a full med-cat. She may seem shy and mysterious at first, but once she gets comfortable around you, her truly wonderful personality shows, as long as you don't get her mad. She will never leave a sick cat without trying to help them, and she'll do anything she can to heal them, even if it'll get her into trouble. She clings to the Medicine Cat Code and will never break it, though from time to time she may bend it a bit. Leafheart will never betray her Clan or friends, no matter what.

Family Tree and Background
Family tree:
Mother: Unknown.
Father Unknown.
Sister(s): Unknown
Brother(s): Unknown

Background: She was alone for a fourth of her life. As a four moon old kit, she survived on her own by hiding and eating berries she knew were safe. As Leaf, she never knew her family, and still doesn't know where she came from. She could be from some long forgotten Clan, or the daughter of a rouge or loner.


Name: Sandcloud

Gender: She-cat

Age: Sixteen moons

Mother: Pale (alive: RPed by Articnight101)

Father: Swift (alive: RPed by Burnfoot)

Sister: Berry (alive: RPed by Hornetfade)

Brother: Frost (alive: awating RPer)

Clan and Position: Tempestclan Warrior

Mates: Heatflow

Kits: -

Appearance: Sandcloud is a mid-sized ginger she-cat with cream splotches on her nose and tail tip. Her fur isn't very thick, nor is it very thin, and her eyes are a light brown.

Personality: Sandcloud has a heart of gold, she has a long fuse, but it's not good to anger her. She's pure, strong, fierce, kind, friendly, loyal, and will do anything for friends.

Family and Background
Family tree:
Mother: Pale, a cream colored she-cat with brown eyes.
Father: Swift: A dark grey tom with a white underbelly.
Sister: Berry, a cream colored she-cat with brown eyes and a white underbelly.
Brother:Frost, a dark grey tom with a white underbelly and a cream spot on his nose.
Background: She was originally Sand, the daughter of two loners. One day, Sand was separated from her family, she was six moons old. She learned everything about hunting and fighting, and when she was fifteen moons, she found Tempestclan. She settled right in, and loves her Clan. But she sometimes misses her loner family, and hopes one day she may find them again.


Name: Dawn

Gender: She-cat

Age: Six moons at the moment

Clan and Position: Loner (Until RC drama)

Mother: Sunshine (Unknown)

Father: Unknown

Sister(s): Kiki

Brother(s): Splash, Spot

Mates: -

Kits: -

Appearance: Dawn is a small white she-cat with one orange ear, an orange spot on her nose, and an orange splotch on her right thigh. Her eyes are a pale green, with a innocent spark of curiosity.

Personality: Dawn is a friendly little high-energy she-cat with a heart of gold. She's loyal, noble, innocent, kind, caring, pure, and good. Though, she prefers to be able to make her own decisions from time to time. She can be a bit overwhelming when she's excited, and she can get startled if she runs into something she doesn't know what is. Dawn has a bit of a calculating side that doesn't show very often, but when it does, she can come up with different techniques for hunting, fighting, and pretty much everything else. She'd never go down a dark path or be involved with an evil cat, her nature doesn't allow her to. Dawn will speak her mind if someone is being rude to her, but she can get a bit short if she gets pushed far enough. In addition to that, she can be a bit naive with new cats.

Family Tree and Background

Mother: A kittypet named Sunshine who got lost when Dawn and her siblings were a moon old. She had an orange pelt with a white chest, blue eyes.
Father: An unknown loner that must have been white with some orange and pale green eyes, judging by the coloring of Splash, Dawn, Kiki, and Spot.
Splash: a kittypet that is orange with white splotches on his nose, left ear, and left thigh. He has blue eyes like their mother.
Kiki: Pure white kittypet she-cat with blue-green eyes. A mixture of the litter's mother and father.
Spot: Orange kittypet tom with a white chest and blue eyes. Looks most like the litter's mother.

Background: Lulu was born a kittypet. She loved her twoleg, but the call of the forest was too much for the young she-cat, so she left the comfortable life she had inside and joined Hornet in his life in the wild. Every once in awhile, Dawn can hear the call of her owner when she passes the twoleg place, but she never has a second thought about her choice. She never really thinks about what could have happened to her if she stayed a kittypet, and she'd never stay one if she had to make the choice to leave again. Dawn would never change what she chose if she had the choice.

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