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Report System Empty Report System

Post by HowlingStar Tue Dec 17, 2013 8:08 pm

The Report System

There is a new way of reporting users and is enabled for all members. There are, however, users which cannot be reported. These users are Administrators and Moderators. But, if you feel a user from these two groups have in fact broken a rule, you should contact an Administrator right away.

This report system is displayed in the top right corner of each post.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The "report" button is basically an exclamation mark. It is simply a "!" symbol. If you need a post which has broken a rule, you simply click the "!" button and fill out the form. You should state in the report why you think they broke the rule and what rule they broke. Administrators will then later review the report and take action if needed. This is an easier way of reporting rude/bullying/god-modding or any form of unacceptable comments.

The second symbol is for moderators and admins, only. Community Helpers and Members do not have rights to use this feature. This feature basically "locks" the post and prevents more reports being filled out. If a Moderator sees a comment which is rude or breaks the rules, they must fill out a report, too, then lock the post and prevent it from receiving more reports. This just lessens the cluster of reports which us Admins may receive.

If, you are caught misusing this feature of the forum, it will be removed from you and you will no longer be able to send reports. By misuse, I mean..If you report users for no reason, no reason at all, then you could find it being removed from you. However, if you strongly feel a user has crossed a boundary and has broken a rule, by all means, use it.

If you are having any issues regarding this feature, please see me.
It is a new feature and it may have kinks which need smoothing out.

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