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Forum Rules and Regulations

Post by HowlingStar on Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:46 am

The Rules and Regulations of GBMP

These rules are not hard to obey. They're common sense. Both The Forum Rules and Roleplaying Rules need to be followed and obeyed at all times.

Rule breaking process;
You get four chances on this forum. Four warnings. If you somehow manage to break the rules, this process will be taken against your account.

First warning► You will be messaged and/or told that you have broken the rules and that you should read over the rules to ensure you do not break any other rules.
Second warning► Temporarily banned from the chatbox.  
Third warning► Temporarily banned from the chatbox and private messaging disabled.
Forth warning► Account is banned.

The Forum Rules

▪ No explicit messages/posts/photos..etc. Keep it PG13. This means, do not post messages/photos etc, which contain swearing/inappropriate pictures. You can, however, send these VIA Pm, as long as they are not severely inappropriate. E.g; Sending someone a link to a pornographic website is inappropriate. But, sending someone a youtube video containing mild swearing is accepted. Please ensure the user you are sending this to will not find it offensive. If you send a user a message which they find offensive, it could result in a warning.

▪ This is technically followed on from the rule above. You can use abbreviations of swearing/cussing, you can use words like 'Damn, sexy, freaking, crap,' etc. If you are unsure if a word is counted as a swear/cuss, I suggest you ask a Admin before saying that particular word.

▪ Do not treat the Admins and Moderators with disrespect. This includes listening to the Admins and Moderators. Admins can edit these rules whenever they feel is needed, provided they send an update to all users.

▪ No religious speech/threads/images/links please. It only causes arguments and fights. Save your religious views for another website.

▪ Advertising is not allowed, except within the advertising section. Advertising in the chatbox or saying "Go check out the advertising section" in the chatbox are not allowed. Advertising is only to be done in the advertising section and all adverts in that section must comply with the given rules and regulations for that section. If it doesn't, it will result in a warning or removal of the ad.

▪ When RPing/Posting on the forum, please only post one message at a time. If RPing has become boring, ask someone to post on the forum so the topic can continue.

Do not try and spam up the forum by creating multiple topics when they are not needed. Topics can be created when two users who are trying to get to know each other to become potential mates or having a "secret" discussion. New threads for plots are also accepted. Group huntings do not need new topics created if there is already one "Forest" topic provided for hunting. Example; There is one topic for Roleplaying in each border section. Creating a new topic named "trespassing" is unnecessary spam as it can easily go into the main border post. Warnings will not be distributed on first offence for this due to the fuzziness of the rule, only if it occurs multiple times.

Roleplaying Rules

▪ You can only roleplay as a wolf or a cat. No other creatures will be accepted. Unless, you have brought a predator character from the Admin Store and/or were requested by an Admin.

▪ There is a minimum of 10 words per post when roleplaying (clan sections, rogue grounds, kittypet areas, wolf territory). This prevents RP comments such as "She smiled," or "He laughed." Ten words per RP comment is not much, it is simply one line. If roleplaying in the chatbox or in the OOC section, the ten word requirement is not needed.

▪ Realistic RP must be used at all times on the RP section of the forum (clan territories, gatherings, etc). This does not include the chatbox, private messaging or in the out of character section. This includes keeping your characters realistic, (No unnatural pelt/eye colors, unrealistic names, no unrealistic actions - including, having a crush after 2 comments, god-modding, auto-hitting, no unrealistic terms)

▪ Before two characters can have kits/pups, there must be a minimum of one thread containing 35-50 posts between them. There are also other rules and guidelines in place in regards to mateship, pups/kits and adopting. These rules are used to help to limit unnecessary kits/pups and decreases the amount of un-roleplayed kits/pups. These rules can be found by clicking [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. Kits or pups who do not get roleplayers by the time of "apprenticeship" or "their invitation" will be classed as deceased.  

▪ Graphic/RP mating is not accepted. You may do it VIA PM if you really want to, although, I'd prefer it be left for another website. It is not important, nor is it appropriate.

▪ If you wish to create drama for your own character which can involve a few others, you must post it in the Mini-Character-Plots section of the forum. This is to control and monitor realism and to also provide a place for users to paste their drama and come back to it when they need to. For information on fair roleplaying in battles and what GBMP's policies are regarding rivalries and clan fights, go to "Roleplay Information" or click [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

▪ Once you have red these rules carefully, you may sign up and create your character. You cannot, however, post anywhere on the forum until you have been approved and accepted by an Admin or full forum Moderator. How will you know once you've been approved and accepted? Simple. They will say 'Accepted' or 'Approved' - If you do not meet the requirements, they will help you so that you can begin RPing on the forum.

▪  You can have five characters per one account. If you want more than five, you need to earn points and purchase a character slot in the Admin Store. However..You can have as many accounts  as you like, provided you are able to remain active on all of them. If you have multiple characters on one account, it could be a good idea to 'LIST' them in your signature.

▪ Please only rp a maximum of two high ranked characters per IP. High ranked characters are; Leader, Deputy, Alpha and Beta. - I do not want anyone leading two clans and/or one pack and one clan at once. This is unfair to other users. If you Roleplay a deputy and a leader and the leader of your clan where you RP the deputy dies, please give one clan up to another user. This makes RPing more fair.

▪ To ensure yo' chicken bum's have red this topic carefully, when signing up to create a character, post "Never give up" as your "Special Code" in your form submission. If that secret code is not posted at the end of your message, you will be told you read the rules.

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